Natural Foods Market & Organic Deli

Board of Directors

The mission of the HCC Board of Directors is to be:

  • Stewards of the vision of HCC
  • Trustees of the owners
  • Creators of systems and policies that nurture and realize a thriving HCC community
    • To maintain strong cooperative business principles and practices.
    • To work together in the circular model of leadership, inviting each person’s wisdom into the strength of consensus.
    • To weave our particular gifts into a flourishing cooperative enterprise.
    • To appreciate the differences and challenges that inevitably arise within a group, and to continually redirect efforts with the best interests of HCC as the gauge.
    • To read and cultivate an understanding of HCC By-Laws and Policy Governance, which includes a working fluency in financial matters.
    • To work co-operatively with the General Manager and Owners in promoting HCC as a vital link to the community.
    • To be enthusiastic and responsible.
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2016-2017 Board of Directors

President, Michael Reim
Vice President, Tom Fanslow
Secretary, Allison Perrett
Treasurer, Stephanie Kompathoum


 Michael Reim

         Kevin Todd

Stefanie Kaompathoum



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