Natural Foods Market & Organic Deli

Board of Directors

The mission of the HCC Board of Directors is to be:

  • Stewards of the vision of HCC
  • Trustees of the owners
  • Creators of systems and policies that nurture and realize a thriving HCC community
    • To maintain strong cooperative business principles and practices.
    • To work together in the circular model of leadership, inviting each person’s wisdom into the strength of consensus.
    • To weave our particular gifts into a flourishing cooperative enterprise.
    • To appreciate the differences and challenges that inevitably arise within a group, and to continually redirect efforts with the best interests of HCC as the gauge.
    • To read and cultivate an understanding of HCC By-Laws and Policy Governance, which includes a working fluency in financial matters.
    • To work co-operatively with the General Manager and Owners in promoting HCC as a vital link to the community.
    • To be enthusiastic and responsible.
= seven - eight

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Michael Reim, President
Tom Fanslow, Vice President
Allison Perrett, Secretary
Stefanie Kompathoum, Treasurer

Steve Breckheimer
Jesse Sheperd
Kevin Todd
Laura Smith Williams


 Michael Reim

         Kevin Todd

Stefanie Kaompathoum

 Laura Smith Williams


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