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Board Candidates

Vote for the board of directors.  All info can be found here.  In order to vote electronically you will need your owner number and your zip code.

Voting procedure. 

Vote on-line or turn in your completed ballot, in person to the Co-op information kiosk through Friday,
November 10th at 12 noon. A staff member will check your name, get your signature and
drop your ballot in the box. You may also vote electronically using the dedicated voting
computer located at the customer service inside the store. A cashier will assist you finding
your owner ID number for you. You may vote, in person, at the Harvest Dinner by 6:00 pm
on November 11th. Ballots will be available. In accordance with our Bylaws, each owner
household shall submit one and only one ballot and voting by proxy shall not be

In Cooperation, the Board of Directors

Work with a dynamic group of local cooperators focused on guiding the Co-op into a thriving and meaningful future.

Download the Board Nominee Application Packet which provides detail on the Board’s work and includes an application for consideration as a board candidate. HCC-BOARD-NOMINEE-APPLICATION-2017-2

For additional information on becoming a future Board nominee email


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