Natural Foods Market & Organic Deli

Blue Mountain Bakery

Welcome to the Blue Mountain Bakery where everything is made fresh at the Co-op

Blue Mtn. Bakery Bread schedule January and February 

All of our Spelt & Sprouted Grain Breads are handcrafted from Local+Organic Whole Grain Flour Products of Lindley Mills, Graham NC.
Tuesdays and Thursdays we bake only Gluten Free Breads.  Our products are all tested to meet FDA guielines for gluten free products.
Rustic Rye Free Form, Spelt Energy 2# loaves 1 # loaves and bagels 

Sprouted Honey Whole Wheat 2 #, 1 # loaves and bagels, Lemon Rosemary Banquettes,
Balanced Breakfast English Muffins 
Tuesday: Gluten Free Day  
Jalapeno Cheddar Skillet Corn Bread, Fava English Muffins 

Spelt Wild Rice and Flax Almandine 2# Loaves, 1# loaves and bagels 
Fragrant Fruit Sourdough – 3 day ferment; Free Form 2 # loaves ,1# loaves, and Bagels 
Thursday: Gluten Free Day
Chia Millet Loaves - Mini and Small 1# 
Pizza Crusts

Balanced Breakfast English Muffins, Sprouted Olive & Herb Focaccia Sprouted 
Sprouted Honey Whole Wheat 2 # sandwich loaves, 1 # loaves and  Bagels 

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