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Wishing you all the warmth of the season! Keep in mind that we now have Grateful Harvest Turkeys in the freezer~ You'll have to ask someone in grocery~ or call the store for more information.
Cascadian Farms

Cascadian Farms

Organic Frozen Vegetables

10 oz, selected varieties
R.W. Knudsen

R.W. Knudsen

Organic Sparkling Juice

750 ml., selected varieties


Organic Cranberry Sauce

14 oz., selected varieties
Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Organic Pumpkin

15 oz., selected varieties
Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange

Organic Coffee

per pound in bulk
Nature's Path

Nature's Path

Organic Cereal

10.6 - 14 oz., selected varieties

Community Owned - Everyone Welcome!


Plan ahead- order your fresh turkey

NOW with a $10 deposit. 


First Come, First Served! 
We have a limited supply, don’t miss out~

  • Grateful Harvest Natural Turkeys - $2.99/lb 

  • Grateful Harvest OG Turkeys - $5.19/lb 

  • Blue Ridge Mtn. Foods Nat. Local Turkeys - $4.29/lb


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