60 South Charleston Lane,
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Hours :
Monday- Saturday : 7am - 9pm
Sunday: 8am - 8pm

Community Owned - Everyone Welcome!
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Mission of the Co-op

As an owner operated cooperative, our mission is to provide organic and wholesome, natural foods, supplements and health care products, and to encourage informed choice through education and exceptional service to our customers and community.

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December 24, 2018 5:00PM

Store closing at 5 pm today

December 25, 2018 7:00AM

Closed for the Holiday

January 01, 2019 7:00AM

Closed for New Year's Day!

Fresh Deals


Today in Our Deli

Muffins & Scones

Muffins: GFSFV Butternut, Berries, and Kale GF Oatbran Spiced Fruit and Nuts Traditional Apple Pie
Scones: Pumpkin Maple Pecan GF&V Scones - Autumn Spiced Pear


White Bean Chicken Chili, Butternut Mulligatawny and Roasted Garlic Potato & Mushroom Soup

Lunch Specials

Swiss Style Pork or Beef
Whipped Sweet Potatoes w/ Balsamic Reduction~ Roasted Mushrooms w/ Garlic Confit & Thyme

Mustard & Maple Glazed Tempeh w/ Roasted Roots~ Tomatoes Rockefellar~ Chef's Choice
Creamy Garlic Lemon Chicken

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